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FamilyPharmacyWhat makes Family Pharmacy of Beverly Hills so different than all the rest? Our service is old-fashioned. That means we strive to get to know all of our customers. Deliveries are encouraged for those who need them and are also free in most cases. This extends west to Malibu and east to downtown Los Angeles (most pharmacies deliver only two miles). Medications can be mailed at no cost to patients. Many people are surprised at the fact that medications are the same price as Rite Aid or any chain pharmacy, but with a personal service and conducted in a private area.

Pharmacist and owner of Family Pharmacy of Beverly Hills, Dr. David Newman, answers most phone calls himself, and there is a separate phone number for after-hour and week-end emergencies when the pharmacy is closed. We are a solid neighborhood mainstay with an impressive history and we’re here to stay. Family Pharmacy of Beverly Hills has been in operation for 50 continuous years, longest in the city. In many cases, three generations of customers have been served here from the same family. Are we different from all the rest? Absolutely! Call us today at or come in to see for yourself.

5 STAR Customer Experience

For more than 50 years, Family Pharmacy of Beverly Hills has worked hard to provide only the best products and services to all of our wonderful customers. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Come in today and see for yourself what a 5 STAR experience looks like!

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“Family Pharmacy of Beverly Hills is perfect for what we need. Great service and a caring staff make all the difference in the world to me and my family. They are an awesome neighborhood business.” ~ Rob R.See More
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